Chats About Change was developed by asking questions about the nature and character of creative social change practices in Los Angeles. The Chats are a series of conversations around a set of questions. To similarly involve our community we invited Los Angeles to participate in a process inspired by a Zapatista consulta. We created a open online forum for our shared constituencies to articulate and ask their questions to Los Angeles, which were shared in the Chats About Change event that took place at LACE in January 2015.

To see the list of questions, click here.

The consulta is similar to a referendum but one in which intense discussions in each community is as central to the process as the vote itself. The purpose of these discussions can be to frame the questions that will be voted on. This is important, as it is through dictating the wording of referenda that governments can often impose limitations on what their effect will be. The Zapatista consulta take weeks and have been a great source of annoyance to the Mexican government, which always wants an answer to its proposals on the spot or within days. …

This intercontinental network of resistance, recognising differences and acknowledging similarities, will search to find itself with other resistance’s around the world. This intercontinental network of resistance will be the medium in which distinct resistance’s may support one another. This intercontinental network of resistance is not an organising structure; it doesn’t have a central head or decision maker; it has no central command or hierarchies. We are the network, all of us who resist.”
– What Is It That Is Different About The Zapatistas?

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