We imagine the following  list of articles could influence our conversations:

White (Box) Supremacy – Abe Ahn

Casting Spells Over Los Angeles – Carol Cheh

Localism? I Don’t Buy It – Stan Cox

Watts House Project And The Challenge Of Social Practice – Jori Finkel

Hell No, We Won’t Go: Outstanding Radical Art And Global Movements in 2014 – Christian Frock

Review of ‘Made In L.A.’ – Sesshu Foster

City After Fifty Years’ Living: L.A.’s Difference In Relation – Malik Gaines

In Defense Of Performance Art – Guillermo Gomez-Peña

Social Art Ambiguity Oil Critique and Los Angeles Art Museums – Robby Herbst

Can Creative Practice Gentrify Creative Practice – Robby Herbst

Roundhouse Shines: Conversations On The River  –  Carren Jao

The Sound of Breaking Glass, Part I: Spontaneity and Consciousness in Revolutionary Theory – Grant Kester

The Sound of Breaking Glass, Part II: Agonism and the Taming of Dissent – Grant Kester

Relational Aesthetics And New Institutionalism – Alice McAuliffe

Deomocracy Crisis: We Are Enslaving Ourselves to Illegitimate Power – Andrew O’hehir

Culture Class, Part 1: Art, Creativity, Urbanism – Martha Rosler

Culture Class, Part 2: Art, Creativity, Urbanism – Martha Rosler

Culture Class, Part 3: Art, Creativity, Urbanism – Martha Rosler

Take The Money And Run? Can Political And Socio-critical Art “Survive”? –  Martha Rosler

Is Social Practice Gentriying Community Arts? – Abigail Satinsky

‘Invoking L.A.’ at Otis College Highlights the Many L.A. Artists Merging Video With Spirtuality – Catherine Wagley

Depoliticising Developement: The Use And Abuse Of Participation – Sarah C. Write

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