Maegan Ortiz

Maegan “la Mamita Mala” is a NYRican in LA mami, media maker and community organizer. She first began as an organizer against police brutality and racial violence in NYC as a teenager and was one of the first women of color bloggers, writing about the intersection of politics and Latina motherhood for almost 20 years. She is a founding editor of the website and has published in The American Prospect, Colorlines, The Progressive, Bitch, Cosmo for Latinas, Latina, make/shift and more focusing on Latino media pressence and immigration issues. Currently she is Program Manager and community organizer of el Instituto de Educacion Popular del Sur de California’s (IDEPSCA) Voz Mob project, a platform for immigrant and/or low-wage workers in Los Angeles to create stories about their lives and communities directly from cell phones. VozMob appropriates technology to create power in our communities and achieve greater participation in the digital public sphere.


LAPD’s Walk the Talk is a biennial parade and performance, and epic people’s history of the Skid Row neighborhood and the activists, artists, and recovery minded folk living and working there that have made it a dynamic center of compassion and visionary social interventions. Next iteration of Walk the Talk will be memorial Day Weekend 2016.  Photo by KCRW’s Avishay Artsy.

We are all media makers : Maegan Ortiz working with jornalero and Voz Mob Popular Communication team member Ranferi Velasquez on a digital story.